All prices are excl. 21% VAT.

Consulting, project management, research, presentations, workshops

  • Hourly rate: 65 €
  • Guest lecture / workshop: 250 € for up to 1/2 day

Discounts and flat fees for longer assignments are possible. Feel free to contact me to negotiate!

Video productions

  • Simple video productions (max. 1/2 day of filming, one single location, no voice-over, use of existing free music, no animation, only basic research…): 2.000 € to 3.500 €
  • Medium-length and -complexity videos (1 day of filming, two locations, significant research needed…): between 3.500 € and 5.000 €
  • Longer and more complex videos (multiple days of shooting, complex research, many locations, special equipment needed…) may cost 5.000 € to 10.000 € or more.

These are prices for the full video production, everything included (camera, music, editing, subtitling). Feel free to contact me to enquire pricing for your specific project.