Car sharing in Ghent (BE)

I’m a co-founder of a still very successful ‘peer to peer’ (noncommercial, voluntary) car sharing group in Ghent, Belgium – where I lived and studied from 1991 till approximately 2000.

Car sharing in Ghent, ca. 2000
The first car sharing group in Ghent, ca. 2000.

We started with one car (an old VW Golf), and soon a second and third car were brought into the shared pool. After I moved away from Ghent, other people took over and did an amazing job in maintaining and growing the system!

The sharing economy is all the rage nowadays, but we already got started in 1998. In 2016, the organisation had 68 cars and approximately 850 members.

Since several years, the car sharing group is called Dégage (Dé Gedeelde Autovloot Gent):