Creative Industries Fund NL

From 2013 till 2016 I was a member of the advisory committee for the Grant Programme for E-Culture at the Creative Industries Fund NL.

The Grant Programme for E-Culture is a grant programme through which the Creative Industries Fund NL supports projects that promote the quality of E-culture and augment its societal and economic added value from a cultural perspective. In addition, with this grant programme the Fund aims to deepen and innovate E-culture as well as make it visible and increase public interest in it. Projects that stimulate the profile and perception of E-culture can also be eligible for a grant through the Grant Programme for E-Culture.

The Creative Industries Fund NL issues grant through this grant programme to projects developed and implemented within the sphere of activity of E-culture. By ‘E-culture’ the Fund means cultural productions at the interface of applied art, science and technology that stand out thanks to a strong innovative component.