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This is a selection of some of the most interesting texts I wrote since I was an art history student at the University of Gent. Earlier essays deal with internet-based art (net.art); at this moment my interests have shifted to themes related to my current employment -- archiving, media art, open source and copyright alternatives.




Web-specific art. Het World Wide Web als artistiek medium
Sandra Fauconnier
Scriptie (Kunstwetenschappen, Universiteit Gent) over vroege evoluties in webkunst, met theoretisch kader, bespreking van een aantal voorbeelden en analyse van thematiek die behandeld werd in vroege webprojecten.

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Op mens-en maat.

Tip for today. Plaid shirts and striped pants rarely make a positive fashion statement. Cancel. OK. (coming soon)
Guy Van Belle and Sandra Fauconnier

Essay about evolutions in net culture and web design, for Op mens- en maat. 2de Triënnale voor vormgeving in Vlaanderen, een blik op industriële vormgeving. Brussels: VIZO, 1998.


Net.art FAQ (en) (nl) (fr)
Sandra Fauconnier

Overview of net.art themes and developments in a FAQ style. Written as a background essay for the conference Art en Ligne - Art en Réseau - Art en Mouvement, 6 March 1999; Musée Royal de Mariemont, Belgium. For historical reasons, the links in this document have not been updated.

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V2_Archive. Archive of Living Actualities (PDF, 257 KB)
Sandra Fauconnier, Boudewijn Ridder, Anne Nigten
A (now slightly outdated) essay describing the research issues surrounding my job: V2_'s archive, its metadata system and specific problems such as copyright and preservation.

Copyright © 2001 V2_Organisation


Art perception in a networked environment. Cyberspace as artistic space/medium/protocol
Sandra Fauconnier

Essay written for the double exhibition project Who Says Seeing Only Happens With The Eyes (TENT., Rotterdam, NL, 2001 and Galleri F15, Moss, NO, 2001-2002)

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Auteursrecht: Ontwikkelingen en problematiek (nl)
Copyright and alternatives: an overview

Sandra Fauconnier
Written at/for my employer (V2_Organisation). In the context of a new research project about copyright and online archives in 2002, I tried to get a grip on the general problems surrounding copyright and possible alternatives. This essay is the result of my research. The English translation (April 2003) is a nonliteral adaptation to the Dutch version which was written in early 2002. The English version focuses on newer initiatives like Creative Commons.

Copyright © 2002-2003 V2_Organisation

from 2003


Various Wikipedia contributions
Since mid-2003, I have become a regular Wikipedia contributor, out of sympathy for this quite interesting and highly useful initiative. Wikipedia is an open, collaborative encyclopedia. My contributions focus on contemporary and media art, photography and architecture, emphasizing a non-US perspective.

Wikipedia articles are available under the GFDL (GNU Free Documentation License).

2003-2004 Capturing Unstable Media
Sandra Fauconnier, Rens Frommé
A research project on the documentation aspects of the preservation of electronic art (or unstable media art) activities.
Copyright © 2004 V2_Organisation

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