ryu also sucks HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

--- wrote:
> Folks:
> As much as I dislike discussing *me* in these
> forums, 

Then shut up!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

> Felix Stadler's
> decision to post our exchange regarding "human
> rights" (with my
> permission) 


> and Pit's recent comments (for whom I
> have much affection and
> respect) 

Then send him greeting card!!! No post stupid to list!
NETTIME is very important list!!!! No stupid bullshit EVER on
nettime!!!! It is great list!!!!

> prompt me to try a brief clarification of
> my motives. 

Brief!?!?!?!?!?!You go on here for hour!!!!! 
Time to shut up now!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

> My own task is to experiment with online forums to
> see if they can be used
> to move some of us beyond "point of view."  Why? 

Because that what every third "forum experimenter" and his mother do
with online forum? We liek forum experiment better when it was call
"fuck with people"

> Because I believe that
> thinking tends to begin where "point of view"
> dissolves and that, in
> general, thinking is good for us all. 

Good! Meiko and Ryu Think also!
We Think you are boring!!!

> So, if some of you agree with me and others disagree
> based on what may
> seem to be my own opinions, I'm not doing my job too
> well. 

You not do job if people disagree? What is job!?!? 
You get paid for ass kiss?

> Also, if it
> seems that I enjoy "pissing people off", then I'm
> also screwing up
> somehow.  

If it seem we enjoy piss off, big sorry. We just make joke. 


> These reactions originate in trying to
> locate my "point of
> view."  That is not my intent. 

We know how to find point of view. Meiko teach you with his foot to
find you point of view. You will unable sit for week!!!

> As a "non-party intellectual" (like nettime's
> founders, in this regard),


How about "non-party stupidface?!" How you like that? Is that like
nettime founder? 
Oh yes! WE HAVE FORGET! it IS like nettime founder!!!


>  I
> have no real axe to grind.  I also have nothing to
> defend as my own
> "sacred cow."  Nothing is above (or below)
> questioning for me -- which is
> understandably upsetting to many.

Too many stupid "non party intellectual" members of ngo and pgo and
ego!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! 

They perhaps too busy work on very serious project to change world
through taking themselves important! 

>  Is he a Trot? No.
>  Is he a Catholic? 
> No.  Is he CIA?  No. 

Do meiko and ryu care? 

> No.


> Viewpoints are often a form of identity.  Identity
> is strongly guarded. 

Strongly guard this! YOU ARE STUPID AND NO ONE CARE!!!


> Challenging identity easily provokes violence. 

Only when talk to stupid moron!!!

> All I want is to figure out how to improve our
> collective ability to
> think.  Honest.  That's my "project." 

Project somewhere else!!! Who are you, monkey messiah come from outer
space? Perhaps we touch you and you turn into weapon use monkey liek

No one think collective!!! Unless bee!!!
> Since I have no sacred cows, I read material from
> all sources and have
> discussions with all comers.

Meiko and ryu will send some sacred cow. Nettime have many to spare.
Try this one: 

1. Meiko and Ryu Demand to be new moderators of nettime-l!!!

2. New policy as new moderator: No more moderator!

Watch how list shit pants over that!

> It's just not thinking, or so it seems to
> me.  

Tell how to think oh great thought monkey from venus!!!


Space baboon, tell us how think!!!

> Instead, it's
> some very seriously warped "points of view."  It
> doesn't ring my bell. 

What are you, a stupid? 

Your' point of view on "points of view" is a point of view!!! 
> What does?  I get excited when people begin to sense
> that they don't
> really know very much.  

Unless you, who knows enough to make us all think about how to think!!!
Be care, that sort of crusade will get you kick off nettime if ever it
work! You lucky you are stupid and do not know how, or sacred nettime
community teach you to leave!!!


> When the foundations of
> one's "point of view"
> begin to seem shaky, then there's an opportunity for
> some learning and
> some thinking to develop.  

How about you rethink point of view on point of view, and maybe
opportune for you develop occur also!!!


> Discovery begins
> somewhere on the other side of
> "ignorance", for most of us. 

You write that in greeting card also to pit!!!
Very nice flower with sacred collective intelligent bee
and say!!!
> This process of shaking up your foundations can be
> accessed pretty
> reliably through confronting what appear to be
> paradoxes.  

blahblahblah!!! why you no shut up yet!!!!!!

> This Balkan war
> is so ripe with these paradoxes that it's drawn me
> back to posting to
> nettime. 

Lucky us!!! Thank for you to bless us!!!

> My hope is that at least a few well-rooted
> "points of view" may
> be shaken to the point of some openminded thinking
> in the process. 

Yes mr open mind, come tell us how to be open mind!!!
Maybe you open mind so much it fall out of head!!!


> Yes, I thought it was weird when my "human rights"
> post was blocked. 

What happen? You say something of interest and t byfield protect the
nettime herd from it? He is here to proptect us all from your human
rights posts!!!


> Whether this happened because I came too close to
> someone's "sacred cow",
> I really don't know.  Felix was very generous to
> work it through with me
> and then to publish the exchange.  It feels to me
> like nettime is handling
> all this pretty well, under the circumstances. 

Consider nettime censor, yes, you should always apologize when you are
censored. Be nice nettime sheep. They do very well to keep passive
idiot like you off!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

> I encourage all people who wish to think -- by which
> I mean move beyond
> "point of view -- to stay engaged to the limits of
> their endurance. 


> I invite any of you who wish to explore online
> structures which encourage
> thinking to send me some private email. 

How about nettime post get limit to 300 word?!?!?
Since all post are censor already, we should place more abritary limit
on people!!!

> #  collaborative text filtering 

Does this mean we work together to censor? 



Meiko and ryu feel bad pick on stupid valery. Oh well! --- valery grancher wrote: > Dear nettimer, Shut up!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!1 Valery send one copy to all list and one special to nettime and change to say "dear nettimer." What pose striker!!! NETTIME IS IMPORTANT LIST!!!! > > Following different events and how is evolving this > war context > specially on mediatic level, I would like to share > some thoughts with > all of you: We all await valery thought eager!!! You english is bad as us and you still twice as stupid!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! > Since several weeks nothing has changed and war > innocent victims are > getting more and more pain and are dying under TV > camera and various > media... CNN exploit for rating, Valery exploit for "non-exploit, sensitive to world" points on artist card! Save up!!!! Soon get free soda can!!! > All around this war there is inflation of images and > noise: > > - debate noise - valery noise > - bombs noise - valery bitch about andrej noise > - ideology noise - valery idio-logy noise > Through our net activism we are bringing more and > more images, sign and > texts and nothing is changing !!!!! Perhaps cosmic force try to tell you, to shut up!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! > May be we are becoming a kind of agent of 'the > society spectacle' as > Debord defined. Valery now make spectacle of not making spectacle!!! WHAT IDIOT!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WE ARE MEIKO AND RYU! > Until a little moment we will be > included in the global > noise !!!! and we will loose our protest, position, > and ethics .... > > How to fight against that ? > Meiko and Ryu don't know!!! How about Valery Grancher tell us?!?!?!?! > I'm suggesting \(^o^)/ > to make an art protest stronger and > more pacific by > breaking the "spectacle logic" (as Debord defined), > by now making a big > silence, by disapperaing in front of all of the eyes > ..... Embrace spectacle of rejecting spectacle!!! everyone love Valery for smart! Next you suggest bomb for peace? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! > We should now make a black screen whithout anything, Is something lots of word talk about how great valery is for not writing what he write as we are reading it!!! What fuck Valery?!?!?!?! WHAT FUCK?!?!?! > dedicated to dead > victims in this war ... > I suggest also to all of us to make our website as a > black screen during > this war to protest .... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! > I started today to shut up my website and we launch > a big mivement on > the web to invite everybody to shut up his website Meiko and Ryu launch big movement on the web to invite every person to SHUT UP > for one day on next > may 1st. > check this black screen at my URL: > http://www.imag[do not go it eat children!!!] > this balck screen is a black background with black > text (H1): Black text is text!!! Perhaps they teach you special in france?!?!?!?! > "This black curtain is dedicated to the War victims > until the kosovar > genocyd continue Excellent Statement!!! Do not change thing!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! > and until the NATO bombing > will continue. I > decided to stop to partcipate to the "spectacle > society" by putting a > black screen to my website!We have to fight against > war for peace and > dignity!!!! Fight against war for peace!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! > Please keep me informed about who's participating to > this movement... This movement so far contain: > Valery Grancher > HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!! We are meiko and ryu!!!! You are stupidface!!!!!!
Today the stupid garden is in full flower!!! --- Filipp Anthony Sapienza wrote: > InteLnet celebrates the "Day of Alternative > Consciousness" by hosting a > chat session with Mikhail Epstein at 8PM Eastern > Daylight Time on April > 21st. Join us as we celebrate this day as well as > the newly redesigned > InteLnet site at > > Let us celebrate not only enlightenment and steps to its attainment but also the NEWLY REDISGNED WEB SITE!! > InteLnet is an experimental site Ryu mouth drop open when see site! Drool come and he raise arm slowly, point at screen- "Is that imagemap?" "Is that link embedded in text, which is fucntional to main text but also serves as link function by different color!?!?!?!?" Very Experimental!!!! > for the > communication of creative minds > in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary areas. Meiko and Ryu are new to english, does that word "interdisciplinary" actual mean "pretentious bullshit" and "transdisciplinary areas" mean "pretentious bullshit and self-flaggelate"!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!1 > One of its branches, the > Bank of New Ideas, invites submissions of original > ideas for dissemination > and discussion. Other branches include ThinkLinks, > inviting contributions > on the essential connections among remote fields of > knowledge, and > InteLnetics, a project of a metadiscipline within > the humanities. (^_^) ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........... > InteLnet was created by Mikhail Epstein in July of > 1995. This April, > InteLnet was redesigned and expanded to include > Filipp Sapienza's Culture > and Rhetoric web site. Hooray! Meiko and Ryu are long await the arrive of Filipp Sapienza's web prescence!! Now, can we hear lot of blatant self-promotion? > > InteLnet has received the Social Innovations Award > from the Institute for > Social Inventions in London, in the category of > "creativity," as one of > "the most imaginative, feasable and potentially > transformative schemes." > Culture and Rhetoric was created in June of 1996 and > featured in an issue > of Kairos, an Online Journal for Writing Teachers in > Webbed Environments. Thank!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Meiko's writing teacher was a harvestman spider!!! come from a webbed environment also!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! > InteLnet represents an attempt to implement ka-ching! 1 point! > innovative, multi-dimensional ka-ching! 2 point!!! > and multi-disciplinary ka-ching! 3 point!!! > ways of thinking, an attempt > to engage > possibilities for dialogue and development of novel > ideas, BONUS!!! "engage possibility for dialogue and development of novel ideas" gets you the winner of thesaurus contest!!!! You write like fake smart kid in meikos class!!!! Extra prize: > to realize and implement the dynamic > possibilities of a > transcultural universe
> From: "F.Baube(tm)" > Subject: Re: nettime-l = kosovo-l or > serbia-l or nato-l ? > Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:09:23 +0300 (EEST) > > > 75% of messages on Nettime these days are about > the war in Serbia. I'm > > wondering if that is the purpose of the nettime > list, and wondering if the > > nettime list is slowly but surely be converted to > the serbian/kosovo war > > information centre. > > I wonder too ! So do meiko and ryu! > But still, I do appreciate the message flow. > Correspondents > (via moderation) are taking advantage of this medium > to present > a broad spectrum of opinion, Yes! It is wonderful that nettime moderator has not censored or limited post of anyone! Nettime is such a great list! > some presented in > rational/logical, > some more poetic, some "objective", some clearly > subjective, but > this is the only forum where I am seeing such a > range of opinion > and of types of material. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You are right! Every one opinion on nettime are very nice represent! EVERYONE is free to say what they want! > I appreciate it very, > very much. > So do meiko and ryu! In fact, Meiko and Ryu want to send a very nice teddy bear to T Byfield, show how much we care for him! Does anyone have address? Everyone on list should send teddy bear to beautiful t byfield! > To help out people like yourself, our moderator > might add "K:" > to the subject line of the Kosovo messages ? Oh, wonderful! But T Byfield very very busy, doing very important thing! Perhaps, for a moment, we ourself could place very lovely "K" to subject line? Very beautiful! Very fragile! Nettime is like baby bird that you find...sweet and innocent, as majestic as falcon! Nettime is very important list....but also, very beautiful! Like tiger! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE MEIKO AND RYU!!!
Want to protest our censorship? NETTIME PONG!!!